As the unique professional event for global and MENA solar thermal power industry players, CSP Focus MENA 2017 conference is seeing you soon this week on Sep.13-14. 作为中东北非地区唯一专注于光热发电领域的专业会议,CSP Focus光热发电中东北非聚焦大会将于本周三、周四在迪拜香格里拉酒店召开。
We appreciate every opinion from you as a CSP industry involver. As return, we will send the vote result to your email soon, and share with you the top3 presentations/recordings for free. CSP Focus将向所有参与本次投票的朋友免费发送票选前三名的演讲稿件及录音,并及时分享本次投票结果。
Below is the pic list of all 14 speeches and 4 panel discussions to be shown during CSP Focus MENA Sep.13-14 Dubai. Which topics or speakers are you most expecting to hear from? You may choose 1 or more topics. 两天会议将进行14场主题演讲及4场小组讨论,作为光热发电行业一员,您最期待关于该地区以及全球CSP市场哪些话题讨论?您最希望听到哪位CSP大咖的分享?您可任意勾选多个话题。
To share with you the vote result and top3 presentations/discussions, please fill your contacts as below. 之后我们将向您分享投票结果及票选前三名演讲/讨论稿件/录音,为此,请填写以下信息:
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