Opinion丨Project Development V.S. Technology Innovation? How to choose for solar CSP?
Note: This Suvey aims to get the most concerned CSP technologies and development trends. 9 questions are included, you could choose to answer any of them. To thank your contribution , we will send the Survey Report to your email.
In recent years, countries like China, UAE, Morocco, South Africa, Australia, Chile and USA gave bigger support on concentrated solar power (CSP) industry. However, "high cost" is always a big question, for which 2 ways are taken: Expand CSP capacity to realize better scale effet; More devote on R&D to get technological breakthrough.
Take China CSP for example, should more attention be paid to Innovation and Optimization?
Solar Tower (ST) and Parabolic Trough (PT) are currently two major CSP technologies, which sub-system/component has greater development potential in future?
Solar Tower: (Up to 2 items )
Parabolic Trough: (Up to 2 items )
Besides ST/PT, which CSP technology you would like to know more? (Up to 2 items)
Normally CSP system consists of three parts: Solar Field, HTF&TES and Power Block. Which specific topics under the sub-systmes do you want to learn?
Solar field, HTF&TES system: (Up to 2 items)
Power Block: (Up to 2 items)
Besides single CSP power plant, CSP could be applied in many other fields. Which of the listed applications are more commercially valuable? (Up to 2 items)
Which CSP related cutting-edge technologies you are interested in? (Up to 3 items)
Upon the Survey, CSP Focus will organize a CSP Innovation summit this year, any suggestions from you would be much appreciated.
Event time ( A.Late Oct.; B.Early Nov.; C.Late Nov.; D.Others, please specify )
City ( A.Beijing; B.Shanghai; C.Xi'an; D.Others, please specify )
Pattern ( A.Keynote Speech+Panel Discussion; B.Parallel Forum+Discussion; C.Round Table Discussion; D.Others, please specify )
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